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Spiritual DNA 11-14-21

I Timothy 1:1-2

A background of I Timothy and Paul’s Greeting.

This Sunday we begin working through the exciting book of 1 Timothy, written by the apostle Paul to his spiritual son in the faith (Timothy). Some interesting topics come up: battling false teaching, mentoring, appointing church leaders, politics, gender roles, age-differences, slave-master relationships, handling church conflict, money management, and more.

Here’s the problem: Timothy is young (perhaps in his 30s) and there’s a lot going on in the churches he is temporarily overseeing in Ephesus (located in modern Turkey). False teaching is a threat, and there are big temptations (e.g., love of money) and rivaling religions (worship of the goddess Artemis) that are very popular.

“Fight the good fight,” Paul tells Timothy. “Guard what has been entrusted to you.” With the help of God, we must do likewise.

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